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Plant-Based (Vegan) Nutrition

Online sessions (Teams, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.) also available, if you can't travel to central London


Whether you are looking for a vegan/plant based nutritionist for health problems or ethical reasons, a well thought-out balanced vegan diet is essential and a helping hand can keep you motivated in the path you have chosen.

You will definitely benefit from working with a nutritionist, as there are many common mistakes made by people when embarking on their new health journey.

A vegan /plant based diet, compared to the average standard British way of eating, will boost your energy levels and immune system.

Most modern day diseases, like diabetes, strokes, etc. are caused by what the average person on the street think of a ‘normal’ diet but they really are avoidable for the most part. There may of course be a genetic predisposition but lifestyle and diet are in most cases a definite trigger.

In any case, a standard modern day British diet (loaded with animal products and processed foods) is not the diet we, as humans, were designed to eat.


Despite modern day scientific medical advancements, people seem to get sicker, not healthier. Let’s change the trend together.

How the nutrition programmes work?

Our programmes are customised to each individual’s needs: whether you want to just lose a few pounds, find out how to choose the healthiest foods for your children, get better from an ailment like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, etc. or become a top vegan athlete.

We offers UP-TO-DATE professional guidance throughout the whole process. We will help you optimise your diet while still being able to eat some of your favourite meals (that we will obviously "veganise" for you). Our diet has helped a lot of people get and feel better.

Your plant-based journey

Before attending your first session, we will send you a questionnaire, covering your dietary habits and general health, as well as a three day food diary and asking what your goals are.
You will need to complete both and mail them to me at least 48 hours before our first session.

This will provide a good base for the first 1.5 hour consultation where we will discuss the goals that you would like to achieve throughout the programme. We will also discuss your completed questionnaire and food diary and explore how your health and well being could be improved through better nutrition. 

A personalised and realistic plant based programme will then be devised for you, based on your specific nutrition requirements.  Let’s work together to achieve your goals!
Free e-mail support in between your first and second session is included.

Follow-up sessions

  • Most programmes start with 2 bookings, the second session scheduled about 2 weeks after the initial consultation, if needed 45-minute follow-up consultations can be organised, if the programme needs tweaking or if the client prefers regular consultations for extra support.


The vegan nutrition practice is located in Fulham, near Parsons Green Station

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